Two Thousand Eighteen

I watched the sky bleed as the sun welcomed a new anniversary. It is the dawn of a new year and I am mad as hell. I sat in the gardens I’ve cultivated over many moons and decided to finally take a bite out of the fruits of my labor. I bit into an apple just to find it rotten. I set it all on fire and watched the flames seductively dance to the scarlet heavens. I want god to know I’m at war, my mind and body fighting separate battles. For the past three years I’ve dreamed in nothing but crimson. It’s about time I’ve succumbed to fury. Hatred comes with both freedom and subordination. Two different energies within the same poltergeist. I’ve let forgiveness silence and pacify me for too long. I’ve allowed anger emancipate me temporarily just to allow another phantom to take possession of my vision.

May this new year be defined by constructive destruction and all the other monumental contradictions that comes with existence. May all the tired souls break from the restraints of docile clemency and yell until we are heard. Sing until we’re at peace.


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